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Pacer ZTX Skates

Pacer ZTX Skates

Product SKU: P361961

•Boot: Pacer ZTX with velcro cinch strap

•Plate: Pacer Double Action

•Wheels: Pacer Polyurethane

•Bearings: Pacer 608ZB

•Toe Stops: Non-Adjustable Bell


Available in full sizes only.

Black/Blue or White/Pink J12-5 

This product priced per pair.

Pacer ZTX Skates

01BlackIn Stock
01WhiteIn Stock
02BlackIn Stock
02WhiteIn Stock
03BlackIn Stock
03WhiteIn Stock
04BlackIn Stock
04WhiteIn Stock
05BlackIn Stock
05WhiteIn Stock
Junior 12BlackIn Stock
Junior 12WhiteIn Stock
Junior 13BlackIn Stock
Junior 13WhiteIn Stock
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